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Welcome to Cosmos.Social, an experimental Mastodon server for the Cosmos Co-op community. This server is currently INVITE-ONLY. But we are a welcoming and affirming group. Tell us what you love, express your opinion (without causing harm to others), and be open-minded about differences in personal or cultural style—that's all it takes to play here. So go ahead and request an invite and let's see what happens.

By experimental is meant: we do not have a plan. We are doing this for fun. "Make social media fun again!" could be our motto. Add: "smart again" and "compassionate again." When we get our co-op up and running, it will be "democratic again." (Or for the first time?)

But in case rules are needed (which honestly we haven't had time to write ourselves) the Open Source Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct should do for now, and is hereby, on this server, in effect.

Support this server: As a cooperative platform, Cosmos.social will require community support to pay the bills. Please donate to feed our co-op and support this server via our Open Collective page.