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And now I am cleaning up & reorganizing the Cosmos , so that we can hand off the numbers to our accountant Bruce to file our 2021 taxes. Those should be pretty easy, since there was no income and no one got paid; basically just hosting expenses & some legal expenditures. However, my next order goal is to prepare a report and summary of our finances from 2015-2022 so that we can hand off the whole system & process to a future Cosmos Circle & our wholehearted bookkeepers.

Interesting story about how Bitcoin adoption is going in El Salvador (not well): - I don’t even know what to think about the “Bitcoin City” idea, it is such a cheap (or rather, expensive, potentially idiotic) stunt; but I suppose the gamble could pay off and crazier schemes have worked out by some miracle. El Salvador could sure use a miracle from all this.

Planning a reorganization of . I always feel a little sad letting go of an old taxonomy… in this case of channels and sub-channels (for categories and sub-categories). Yet new order is forever wanting to emerge from the soup of cognitive chaos which our messy minds have become—as to an overgrown garden we tend. The new arrangement, which comes out of conversations with Gj and @douggins, will be more friendly and appealing to newcomers, we hope.

I want to start communicating more. This is just me getting my feet wet.

@aral There was an old joke from Soviet times...

A guy comes every morning to a newsstand, buys paper, quickly glances over the front page and throws the paper into bin.
- Why do you do it?
- I'm only looking at obituaries.
- But they're on last page?
- This one will be on the first.

If there is going to be a war, I’ve got to start publishing more, faster, and without remorse. Get it out and get it over with before they get me.

That is my paranoid self-aggrandizing sub-personality talking, of course.

But in the spirit: here’s a piece I salvaged and refurbished from what I think began as an old facebook post (c. 2014 or 17?) before I shut down my account.

All I will say is that it lightened my mood a little to revisit, and I hope it helps.

newsletter 2022-02/03 (“Transmssions: A Turning Point”) is ready to go out.

Stories, essays, and poetry focusing on , , and experiences, , , , , , , , and more.

Become a subscriber here:

Over a couple years since receiving it, I finally got my set up.

The network is still in alpha and there’s not much I can do on it yet. (Though I look forward to testing out new features and releases when they come out, and I can.)

It feels like sticking my pinky toe into the cool water of the future. In the meantime, I’m just hoping the world averts nuclear war.

A pleasant surprise. Geoffreyjen Edwards' review of Maía's *See You In Our Dreams* is now online:

Being months-deep into the Readers Underground group he mentions, I can affirm these words:

"This is not a book around which one can draw a simple boundary. It spills outwards, in the messy, divergent way that is characteristic of good art, of the natural world, and, indeed, of the element water, whose diverse forms of absence and presence are so central to this text."

In the wake
of the ontological flood

I washed up
on the integral shore

I looked up
at the newborn stars

Already dying
in a sphere of space

All the time adding up...
just barely enough

Crossing space—
seems like a lot at first

But we’re there
before we know

In the wake
of the ontological flood

I washed up,
grew up, got down

Threw up my hands in the air
And sang yeah, right?

We were here all along—
Right as the night

Strung up in the clear light
of invisible giants

“We are the new media”

retrieves the blogosphere;
obsoleces 'social media';
enhances (e)quality;
downregulates the terror.

JP lays down Biblical wisdom for modern times. Pray for us sinners. I appreciate the shout-out to the freaks, queers, and artists among us. I appreciate the pathos, for is not to be taken lightly. I am looking at the man in the mirror. I am staring down the enemy, who divides me from myself and others. I am listening for the poetry in the gaps. I am holding out for higher possibilities, yet also lower ones, as another metanarrative bites the dust.

It's been years—long years, too many years relative to my too brief life—since I have really *fallen* for a band... since I have felt compelled to bow low, tip my hat, offer up a big wet sloppy BRAVO from the bottom of my quavering heart—as I do now...

"Nostalgia is a helluva drug," said my friend Doug from New York.

Yet here is artistry: songwriting, lyrics, hooks, yelps, synthesizer sounds! This may be one of the great albums of the '90s—produced in 2018.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Here is a fantastic cornucopia of sentiment. Yes, yes, yes! I say. One doesn't hear something like this every day—childlike and wise, joyful and tender. Funny. Vivid. Playful. Sincere. Dreamy. Particular. Humane. Exquisitely blended with the music. This one's a keeper! Thank you...

The film adaptation of Ken/Treya Wilber's memoir of , , and is out. I have purchased a streaming copy, but probably won't watch it for a while. I bet it is a beautiful film, or at least a sincere effort...but it sure feels SAD. And do I need more sadness in my life right now? I was profoundly moved by Grace and Grit when I first read it. It is easily the most personal and humane of Ken's books. But am I ready for the film? Sad-saturated? Sucker?

I just joined the Ampled Co-op as a community member. They are an artist-owned co-op for musicians with an economic model very similar to Cosmos. Good vibes from this gang...

"Direct support for all musicians. Collectively owned, community supported."

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