The film adaptation of Ken/Treya Wilber's memoir of , , and is out. I have purchased a streaming copy, but probably won't watch it for a while. I bet it is a beautiful film, or at least a sincere effort...but it sure feels SAD. And do I need more sadness in my life right now? I was profoundly moved by Grace and Grit when I first read it. It is easily the most personal and humane of Ken's books. But am I ready for the film? Sad-saturated? Sucker?

I just joined the Ampled Co-op as a community member. They are an artist-owned co-op for musicians with an economic model very similar to Cosmos. Good vibes from this gang...

"Direct support for all musicians. Collectively owned, community supported."

Brian George's comments on the Andrew Antoniou interview are now live on the blog—

This includes an excerpt from Brian's work with the weird paintings and voice of 20th-Cent Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico. Enjoy!

So, I go to promote the new art interview by J.F. Martel on Metapsychosis, and I'm informed that Twitter has suspended our @metapsychonaut account. No reason given, no obvious issues with our page.

A good reason to do more on Let's get some hardcore federating going!

The excellent interview with artist Andrew Antoniou is here:

Congrats to Brigid Burke on the 50th episode of Chthonia, her podcast about the 'dark feminine.' This episode marks a first, as it's actually about a male deity—an all-time favorite—the Greek god of wine and fertility, early avatar of Jesus Christ, whom Nietzsche also idolized (in his twilight), none other...

Our first issue shows the web’s potential to redistribute power and interoperate with other regenerative human systems.

They also challenge universalist views of technology, how locally-situated networks can give voice and agency to the marginalized.

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Feeling more centered, loving, and peaceful after Art Church with the Greys. This month's theme was Rituals and Mystery Schools, and includes a brief evocative history of their performance art rituals over the years. (If only Sunday school was like this when we were kids...)

Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

Notice of . I may be preaching to the choir here on , but it doesn’t hurt to get a reminder that the must go on and a (with ) is possible—if we are willing to express our *desired outcomes* and choose to act in accordance with our .

Anyone out there with an interest in sri & , this one's for you

"Now in its 46th year of publication, Collaboration explores the evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the practice of integral yoga, what it means to be human, the workings of consciousness, psychic emergence, and reflective articles on the politics of capital, changing technologies, comparative philosophy, deep ecology, and the arts."

@mcdc It's so easy it's almost puzzling, but basically you just find other instances, see their public timelines, and then find people to follow. You don't have to sign up for their server (though you technically can). But you just go to a person's profile and click the FOLLOW button. If you're logged in here, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to follow them from your @mcdc account.

This site lays it out really well and also provides a search for instances:

Short Poem for an Absurdist Muse

A game
is a foot

An inch
is a mile in compression

There are twelve tribes
in a foot

you have to scratch
that inch

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