And now I am cleaning up & reorganizing the Cosmos , so that we can hand off the numbers to our accountant Bruce to file our 2021 taxes. Those should be pretty easy, since there was no income and no one got paid; basically just hosting expenses & some legal expenditures. However, my next order goal is to prepare a report and summary of our finances from 2015-2022 so that we can hand off the whole system & process to a future Cosmos Circle & our wholehearted bookkeepers.


Profit & Loss Statement done! 🎉

We spent $1869.98 more than we took in in 2021. Well, it was the year my mom died, and we were just trying to keep the project afloat, the focus wasn’t on money.

Fiscal Year 2022, with the launch/landing of our first real publishing projects (with books by Geoffreyjen Edwards, Brian George, Lisa Maroski, Mary Thaler, and Maía in the works; and the opening up of real co-op membership), is shaping up to be much better.

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AND… Balance Sheet acheived. 💪🏼

As of December 31, 2021, our TOTAL ASSETS & LIABILITIES were $442.70 (in the BLACK, baby)

And now for a song by a good ol' friend:

@madrush When Marco was forty years old he entered his studio. Here he enjoyed morning rituals and cosmo-romps, and for ten years did not tire of it. And, balance sheet achieved, Vision was etched in the skies. Marco: "Who will Circle around Circles with me?"

Nature, from shimmering window sparks, speaks: "Black or red, your abysmal balancing act ends. You on the other side say 'Money is dead! LitCoin lives in their hearts!' You carry on with 2022 CosmoVision, wiping glasses clean. Go forth."

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